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Trey George is an invaluable asset to our son Xavier.

Trey has truly developed Xavier into a "Total Package" baseball athlete. Trey has taken the time to develop special training techniques customized to strengthening Xavier's weaknesses while also continuing to build on Xavier's strengths and abilities. While Trey does a truly fantastic job with Xavier on batting, he has also taught and continues to teach Xavier character, leadership, mental strength, confidence and a great attitude. Xavier looks forward to each and every session with Trey and brings these attributes onto the field too. Our family is truly blessed to have the opportunity to have Trey George work with our son.—Sincerely, Orlando & Angela Jacobs

Trey is a good asset for your company

I just wanted to say Trey was very good and helped my son quite a bit. And he has an excellent attitude with kids since I watched him work with the kid before mine as well. I ended up watching Trey more than my son and he really analyzed what the kids were doing wrong with their swing and improvised to help make changes. He is a good asset for your company.

Lonestar in Baytown is awesome!

Personal lessons from Chris Sampson has really helped Brayden in developing his pitching and softball hitting lessons from Steve Kissel has Kjirstyn hitting right up the middle almost every at bat!!!—Angie Terrell Murphy

Garrett Mock has helped me out tremendously with pitching over the past two years

I just want to say that Lonestar BAT is a great place to learn more about the game of baseball. Garrett Mock has helped me out tremendously with pitching over the past two years. He has gotten me through me ups and downs and taught me how to overcome complications and end up on top. With all of his help and pointers I threw my first perfect game. Thanks Garrett for everything!—Cassity Land

His hitting, catching and pitching skills are improving so much.

My son has been taking lessons from Chris Sampson and Daniel Cox for a few months now and he loves it. When he bats if he messes up he now knows what he did wrong and can correct it.—Kathy Zigmont

Diego has been a wonderful help with Prince and his hitting practice

He has shown great improvement from the one on one classes. He is not only improving with hitting but with paying more attention to hitting.Thank you, —Lasonja Polk

Baseball camp was an adventure every day!

My son Braxton spent the entire summer of 2011 at baseball camp at Lonestar Baseball Academy. He loved it. He was 4 at the time. He's hard headed and does not want to play baseball inside, but the coaches and instructors found different exercises to give him that improved his upper and lower body for athletics. Braxton is one of a kind and if he's not in a uniform and on grass he does not get it. But camp was an adventure every day and he had a great summer.

Please thank Chris, Daniel and Garrett for the Off-Season Workouts!

I wanted to let them know that (as a Freshman) I made the LaPorte High School Sophomore baseball team. I believe that the workouts helped my conditioning and also helped me to prepare for tryouts. I think that the workouts and also the pitching and hitting lessons made a difference in my preparation. Working out at Lone Star Baseball academy has been a great experience.Thank you! —Andy Reister (15)

The Lonestar Pre-Season baseball camps were great!

Really helped the boys be prepared to try out for High School Baseball and make the Sophomore Team (as freshmen)!—Leah Stafford Reister

I cannot express enough to you on how much JR has had such a positive impact on Bryce

I just wanted to drop a note and let you know that I am very appreciative of you allowing my son Bryce to have the 2 lessons with JR. In the short time with JR, Bryce has learned many valuable lessons, and cannot wait to get back to see him.  We have so much enjoyed our lessons with JR that I have booked lessons with him for the remainder of the month.  We also plan to utilize Chris in the next few weeks.Thanks!—Mark Somer

Thanks Chris and Daniel for your help with Cody!

Cody just pitched 6 innings against Summer Creek. He gave up 1 earned run and 3 hits, no walks and hit one batter. He played 1st base in the 1st game and went 6 for 7 and 2 hopped 390' center field fence. Lonestar Baseball Academy is a huge part of his life. We are blessed to have LoneStar Baseball supporting Cody.

When you and your staff was talking he was hanging on every word

I just want to take the time to thank you for coming to Tomball Little League this past weekend. My 8 year old son attended and had the best time. Not only did he have fun, but I think he learned a lot. I can tell him something over and over but when you and your staff was talking he was hanging on every word. It really means a lot that coaches and players of your caliber are giving back to the baseball community. I will be keeping an eye on your website for upcoming camps. Also if you ever put on a coaching clinic, I would be very interested. Thanks!—Mike Hood

Who better for my son to learn from?

I took my son Johnny to his first hitting lesson at Lonestar last week. Garrett Mock helped Johnny and 3 other kids in the class, with some basic but helpful instruction with their hitting. There is not another place in town where you can invest $30 and get the kind of advice and instruction that my son received last Tuesday night.

These are major league ball players, helping my son for $30 an hour. Garrett actually took his time and went more like 90-minutes and worked individually with my son and the other kids. Mr. Mock I believe has headed to spring training and won't be around until the off season, but we are looking forward to learning from some of the other guys on staff. I hope to start scheduling some more one on one lesson in the future which do cost a little more. But again, these guys play or played in MLB. Who better for my son to learn from?

We live in Katy and it is a long drive for us but, for $30, to learn with JR or Chris or some of the other guys. The hour drive each way is still better than paying $80 an hour at the places near Katy. Thanks. My son Johnny (9 yrs old) is looking forward to the Feb. 4 all day camp.—Jonny Guerra

Your baseball academy has made him a better player

As a parent and a resident of Baytown I would like to say "Thank You" to all Trainers and Staff members. My child has had the opportunity to attend several of the baseball camps that the academy has offered throughout this year and he has learned something new at each camp he has attended to enhance his baseball skills.

He has also had the opportunity to attend private sessions with JR Towles to improve his skills in catching and batting which helped him this last past spring season 2010.

Your baseball academy in my opinion has made him a better baseball player and also on a positive note your customer service to the public is outstanding. I look forward to 2011 and encourage all baseball players in Baytown and surrounding community to visit your facility. Sincerely—Laura Wamble

I'm amazed at the improvement Cody has made in the 2 months that he has been instructed by Chris Sampson

My son Cody, is 14 years old. He has loved baseball since his first "at-bat" in T-ball. His love and desire of the game inspired his Dad to provide him with the tools and resources that he would need to be his best. Cody began taking weekly hitting and pitching lessons when he was 8 years old, and he has been taking them ever since. He has had several different instructors throughout the years, some good, some not so good. Cody was always a "good" pitcher. But to me, the Mom, he is now a "great" pitcher. There is nothing I love more, than to sit in the stands and see the results of my son's hard work.

I'm amazed at the improvement Cody has made in the 2 months that he has been instructed by Chris Sampson. Cody looks amazing on that pitching mound. His mechanics are smooth, and he is much more consistent with his pitches. I am extremely pleased with Chris Sampson and his instructional technique.

Thank you Chris, for all that you have done with Cody in the past couple of months, and we are looking forward to many more lessons with you, and a bright and successful pitching future for Cody.

Our son has shown vast improvement in both pitching and hitting

Over the last year our son Hayden has shown vast improvement in both pitching and hitting thanks to the private instruction given by both Chris Sampson and JR Towles. His pitching speed has picked up by 5 or 6 MPH, and he has great form. He won the Home Run Derby in his age group at our local little league and pitched the District winning game for his All Star Team. The staff at Lonestar is not only professional, they care about the kids.We have taken both private lessons and attended the camps. Both have been well worth it!—Darryl and Julie Johnston

We are very happy with the hitting lessons that my boy has been getting

Thanks, Anna Cuellar

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